Nixon Power Services Customers,

We are writing to update you on how Nixon Power Services is responding to the growing threat of the Coronavirus (COVID -19). This planning and response applies to all of Nixon Power’s service centers and virtual partners. While we are adjusting our internal processes and work rhythm, we intend to continue serving our customers in the high-quality form and fashion you’ve become accustomed to. We will work with you to ensure all personnel complete their work safely.

We have been monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19 closely and keeping ourselves up to date on best practices and remaining flexible as the current situation changes. Shortly after the COVID-19 outbreak occurred in China, we began reviewing and implementing a Pandemic Response Plan which is a part of our overall Business Continuity Plan. The Pandemic Response Plan outlines specific steps Nixon Power Services takes to safeguard employees’ health and well-being during a pandemic while ensuring the Company’s ability to maintain essential operations and continue providing essential services to our customers.

In alignment with the threat assessment protocols of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), we have activated our Pandemic Response Plan as outlined in this document. The Nixon response team is addressing active and ongoing disease surveillance, workforce protection and management, use of social distancing tactics, travel and facility access restrictions, and quarantine measures as defined in our plan. More specifically:

  • We are engaged in active and ongoing monitoring, specifically: disease progression, country and WHO responses, supplier and supply chain risks, and prevention and containment measures.
  • We have communicated best practices for protecting employee health and implemented employee workstations cleaning requirements. Employees who are ill have been asked to stay home.
  • We have implemented employee travel restrictions.
  • We already have in place systems for remote video meetings and are requiring their further use for ongoing interactions between our offices, and for most customer and business partner meetings.

We also know that our customers depend on us for readiness and response during times of disaster and other power disruption events. Our Disaster Response Teams (DRT) and other key positions in our Aftermarket Service groups are classified as mission essential.

  • Our Pandemic Response Plan classifies our Aftermarket Service and DRT teams as “essential” employees whose jobs are critically important to the Company’s continued service operation of customer readiness. Unless circumstances dictate otherwise, the Company expects “essential” personnel to be available to work during a pandemic. In extreme cases, “essential” personnel may be directed to work from home, practicing social distancing to maintain our vitality.
  • We have and will continue to monitor our field technicians to ensure that any with symptoms that remotely mirror COVD-19 are removed from service and receive proper screening to include self-isolation, quarantine or at least minimized social interaction with fellow employees, customers and the public alike until the CDC recommended 14 day period has elapsed with no further signs of distress.
  • Our field service technicians will ensure that they have products carried onboard their work vehicles to adequately sanitize and clean contacted areas and equipment that could potentially be contacted by customers and their staff.
  • All future travel plans for employees are being heavily scrutinized and cancelled unless absolutely necessary to ensure minimized risk to all parties. This includes work conferences, training events and any other large gatherings that are inherently risky considering the profile of the aforementioned affliction.
  • Willingness to share individual continuity plans with any party that requests them to include hard copies provided on routine visits or via electronic means to ensure transparency and complete coverage.
  • All personnel will ensure that they take heed and utilize proper hygiene throughout the course of their days to include adequate hand washing and sanitizing workspaces and equipment to minimize risks of potential exposure.
  • Use audio and videoconferencing for meetings when possible and if exposure is somehow suspected, effectively implement contingency plans to tele-work and divert personnel responsibilities to maximize efficiency while nullifying potential risk to others.

With regard to supply chain dynamics and our manufacturing partner Kohler, the following activities are ongoing:

  • Kohler generator production facilities, across the globe, are currently operating at full capacity.
  • Kohler’s Wisconsin and France Operations have redundancy plans to support one another in large generator manufacturing capabilities.
  • Kohler has bi-weekly meetings with each Tier I suppliers to solicit coronavirus impact.
  • Nixon follows the same process regarding critical suppliers. Vendors providing fuel tanks, enclosures, exhaust systems, circuit breakers and transportation are solicited bi-weekly by impact.

The senior management team of Nixon Power Services takes the COVID-19 threat seriously and we are taking all reasonable measures to prepare for and mitigate the risk of COVID-19 to our team members, our customers, and our business. We will provide additional updates as the situation warrants.

Thank you for your continued support of Nixon Power Services. We wish good health and safety to all our business partners and their employees and families.

Stay Informed on Coronavirus

COVID-19 has dominated media coverage, but you may have been misinformed on what is and what isn’t fact regarding this virus. Proper education is essential to ensure your and your family’s safety. The World Health Organization (WHO) has created a great resource to answer your questions on this coronavirus.

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