The Beginning of a Legend

In 1972 at the age of 16, Ritchie McQueeney began working for the Yandle Truck Refrigeration in Charlotte, North Carolina. Two months later they were awarded the Thermo King dealership. After graduating from high school and completing his bachelor’s degree, Ritchie opened a branch in Columbia and 4 years later purchased a Thermo King Dealership. Today, Thermo King employs 57 people, with locations in South Carolina (Columbia, Charleston and Florence). Services include providing refrigeration for the transport of meats and fresh produce to grocery stores.

However, what happens in the event of a power outage? How do they keep the refrigerators running to safely transport frozen goods? How do they fuel their equipment?

Reliable Power

In 1989, Hurricane Hugo hit the east coast and Thermo King experienced 15 days without utility power and had no backup generator. Pumps were unable to run and trailers could not be fueled. Ultimately, their business was barely operable. Since then, Ritchie has depended upon Nixon Power Services to provide reliable back up power and KOHLER generators for his facilities, trucks and even his personal home.

When asked how Kohler generator have helped his company grow throughout the years, he stated, “Being in a hurricane zone, our company needs to ensure that we can provide service 24/7. When a hurricane hits, everything from churches to grocery stores rely on our business to transport food and water to victims. In 2016, during Hurricane Matthew, we experienced the difference of reliable backup power. The entire county was without utility power for 4 days, however Thermo King remained fully operational and provided people with the goods and services they desperately needed.

Power You Can Trust

The Thermo King Business facilities are not the only places that benefit from Kohler generators. Ritchie’s home and Lake House are 100 miles from the coast and in an effort to protect his family in the event of a storm, he installed two KOHLER residential generators.

He states, “the only problem I experience with my generator is that it is so quiet I can never even tell when it is running.”

Thanks to Nixon Power Services and the reliability of KOHLER generators, Ritchie continues operations no matter what Mother Nature brings.

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