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Kohler is taking power to new places with its line of towable generators. Unlike standby generators, towable generators adapt to your needs, wherever they may be. With features like heavy-duty camlock kits, rugged trailer and housing construction to withstand the elements, and state-of-the-art digital controls, Kohler has quickly become the clear choice in the industry. Choose your application, Kohler has a durable, cost-effective towable power generation solution to meet your needs.

  • Flexible for every backup need
  • Emission Compliant
  • DEC 1000 or 4000 controllers
  • Voltage Selector Switch
  • Rugged, DOT-approved trailer

We can install a GPS Wireless Monitor unit to each Towable for:

  • Asset Control - GPS Installed equipment
  • Engine & Equipment servicing notification
  • Generator Running Alert
  • Common Alarms
  • Low Fuel Alert
  • Low Battery Voltage Alert
  • Geo Fencing for unit security Alerts