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How an engine, generator, or any critical piece of equipment is supported is vitally important. The customer's most important purchase decision should include the quality of after-market support for their engine or generator system.

As a preferred leader in the power generation industry, Nixon Power Services is dedicated to providing customers with service above and beyond their expectations. We have established a premium level of service recognized by our peers and our long list of repeat clients. Our ability to provide outstanding support for our products is the result of dedicating the necessary resources in people, facilities, training, and equipment.

Nixon Power Services provides premium service by ensuring our technicians are fully trained to operate the latest diagnostic and service equipment. We are fully stocked with the proper tools and equipment to repair and test engines and generators of all sizes, makes, and models.

Service to National Accounts

Customers that need a "One Stop Solution" to multiple generators placed over multiple states rely on Nixon Power Services to cover all of their needs and provide uniformed planned maintenance across the country.

  • 24/7 one call service response center
  • 24/7 technicians service response
  • 24/7 re-fueling capabilities
  • 24/7 portable emergency generator availability and delivery
  • 24/7 wireless generator monitoring
  • 24/7 full service disaster response teams

Load Bank Testing

Wet stacking is a condition where unburned fuel and carbon accumulate on post combustion internal engine parts (pistons, cylinders & exhaust valves) and the entire exhaust system including the turbocharger. It comes from running a diesel engine at only a small percentage of its rated capacity and not allowing it to completely burn-off all of the fuel. The incomplete combustion also adds an equal amount of carbon as well. It is visually detected by the appearance of black ooze around exhaust pipe connections and around the turbocharger. Also, continuous black exhaust from the stack when under a constant load is also an indication that all the fuel is not being fully burned and that coking and wet stacking may be taking place.

The effects of wet stacking range from the build-up of carbon on your valves, valve guides and the turbo impeller - causing hot spots or the burning and ultimate premature failure of these components - to unburned diesel fuel diluting the engine lubricating oil by washing down the cylinder walls and causing premature wearing and failure of rings or the engine bearings.

The accepted and recommended solution is to perform load banking on an annual basis. In a nutshell, the load bank is a trailer mounted variable resistive electrical load that is connected to the generator. It allows us to precisely meter the load on the generator and/or engine and it allows us to slowly ramp (heat up) the load up to 75% or more and down on the cool down phase. Traditionally, any diesel generator that only runs at 30% or less of it's rated capacity should be load banked. In many situations, this is governed or dictated by NFPA or AHCA standards.

Fuel Cleaning

Many generator systems use diesel engines as the prime power source.  Stored diesel fuel is susceptible to many forms of contamination and will degrade substantially if left untreated over time. It is crucial to maintain and test stored diesel fuel frequently, especially on standby generator systems that are idle for long periods.

Nixon Power offers their customers a "4-Step" Fuel Maintenance Program to prevent fuel storage issues.

  • Step One – Fuel Top Off
    We can provide unlimited fuel at each visit.

  • Step Two – Fuel Treatment
    We cover the full spectrum of potential issues with our fuel treatment products.

  • Step Three – Fuel Test
    You don’t want to find out your fuel is not up to par during a power outage.

  • Step Four – Fuel Filtering
    We can remove the majority of the articles and moisture that gathers on the bottom of the fuel tank.

Electrical Systems Testing

Regular electrical systems testing can include:

  • Measuring connection heat
  • Ensuring cable conductivity
  • Cleaning and testing circuit breakers
  • Calibrating relays and meters
  • Performing NETA-recommended acceptance testing

Wireless Monitoring

Most Building Monitor Systems are not operable if the Utility Power is lost. So there is no way to see what the problem is with your backup emergency power and what need to correct the problem. Nixon Power Services can offer a Wireless Solution that can alert you of your backup emergency power availability you have cellular connection anytime of the day or night vie Email or Text Messaging. Nixon Power Services can also monitor your units for you and have the correct service provider handle the situation while you enjoy your evening with the family or run your business ever during a power outage.

Being able to know when your backup power has a problem and schedule repairs before a Power Outage lets you know your unit is down!

Advantages of a Wireless Monitoring System:

  • Remote start/stop capability
  • Decrease after hours service call outs by knowing what the problem is before the technician is sent
  • Re-fuel generator before it runs out
  • Notification of maintenance required
  • Air quality, "Generator Run Reports" available on line
  • Email and/or text message alerts of services needed on generator