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Switchgear Service

Nixon Power Services (NPS) is your complete switchgear service provider. As a major supplier of off-utility power systems, both standby to the utility and prime power, we have developed the in-house expertise, resources, and systems to provide operators of switchgear systems complete one-stop-service.

We Service All Makes & Models:

Our team of electrical technicians are factory trained and certified on all types of controls and switchgear. As a Kohler distributor we have the required personnel and equipment to service and install a wide range of switchgear, we are not limited to the Kohler brand of equipment.

Nixon Power Services is a complete power solutions provider and supply our client base with all the available control and switchgear solutions. We will service all brands of controls, automatic transfer switches, and paralleling gear for multi-generator systems.

We have supply arrangements with all principal brands of switchgear manufacturers. Our staff of switchgear specialists will discuss with you your system, brand of equipment, and recommended service procedures.

Typical Switchgear and Controls We Service

We are experienced in all medium voltage off and on-utility power systems. Whatever the age of your equipment, we have the resources to keep it operating within the original equipment specifications.

Types of systems serviced include the following:

  • Automatic Transfer Switches, single and three phase monitoring, in-phase monitoring, of all brands.
  • Automatic controls for starting and stopping systems.
  • Telemetrics for remote monitoring of systems
  • Paralleling switchgear
  • Mainline circuit-breakers

Best Practice Methodology and Techniques

NPS service technicians provide best practice planned maintenance of your total control and switchgear system and highly responsive service in the event of any unscheduled system failure.

Many of our customers have systems providing life and economic facilities, as such we understand the importance of minimal downtime and to get you up and running.

The following service methods ensure a high standard of service:

  • Thermal Imaging: A critical area of switchgear service is monitoring all electrical contacts. By thermal imaging testing all contacts we can quickly identify any “hot” contacts, and rectify the issue before any failure occurs.
  • Testing With Complete Safety: Voltages can be very dangerous if service is not undertaken by a trained professional. NPS technicians wear protective gear when undertaking live testing and fully understand the principals of Arc Flash. We not only protect your system, but also operators and service technicians.
  • Full Load Testing: NPS technicians are trained on the NFPA 110 level 1 and level 2 testing requirements. No electrical system can be fully tested unless it is run at full load for a specific time to enable full testing with live connections being monitored, and their ability to carry full load. We can bring a load bank to the location if one is not available.
  • Switchgear Operation Testing & Service: Whether your system is a single standby system, multi-set system with complete parallel gear, or remotely operated, we have the knowledge and equipment to evaluate complete system operation within designed specifications and codes.